Friday, October 30, 2009

Impressions of the Bog

This is the painting that was meant to go with my first post," Beauty is where you look for it." I am still getting the hang of this blogging lark so I hope you will bear with me!!! I painted this picture from my memories of the colors that inspired me on that train journey. This painting can be purchased at Aisling

Fairies Washing

One of the delights of Autumn for me are watching out for the Fairies Washing.

I have such lovely warm memories of walking in the early autumn morning with my dear Granny and her pointing out the misty damp cobwebs that seemed to sprout overnight all over the hedge around her garden. "That's the Fairies washing" Granny told me. I was so enchanted, my imagination running riot at the thought of busy Fairies washing and hanging their laundry out overnight, that it has stayed with me all my life. (I almost wrote how many years there, but it was a shock to see how long in print, so I changed it! LOL)

My own children love to look out for Fairies washing on damp autumn mornings while waiting for the school bus. Granny would just love that.

Have you any lovely cosy warm memories of some special time with a dear loved one?


Many people dread autumn and see it as a time of decay and forerunner of cold barren bleak days.
Me, I love Autumn. It is my favorite time of the year. I love seeing the flowers fade and look for the beauty therein. I think Nature is a wonderful example of how we can live our lives.

Summer brings such a bright glorious flash of color and brilliance, followed by a relaxing period of fading soft beauty, then she dies back. To rest and rejuvenate over the winter in order to regrow again in Spring. Wouldn't it be nice if we gave ourselves permission to work and grow, then rest, recuperate and "flower" again. It is essential for us Humans to allow ourselves to rest from time to time, in order to experience brilliance, and to formulate new ideas, and not just run on and on and risk burn out. Or even worse, never to experience the Beauty and Good of where we are, and what we have accomplished so Far!



The weather has been just dreadful for the past 3 summers in a row. Rain, rain and more rain. We have barely been able to get outside for 5 minutes.

However, there was a reasonably dry morning a couple of weeks ago. An autumnal feel in the air. Blue skies crossed with scudding clouds. I brought my coffee out onto the deck, and had a Heavenly 20 minutes watching the swallows swoop and rise over the meadow. The young ones were practicing their flying and then adjourning to the telephone wires to congregate with their peers! Every year the swallows spend a few weeks flying and feeding on the meadow behind our home and congregate on the wires, getting ready for their big flight south. What an amazing journey they make.

That morning they were flying so close to where I sat, that I could see their white bellies and make out the shorter tail fins of this years chicks. Amazing to be able to observe nature so closely.

I feel such Peace when enjoying nature. Especially at this time of fear, what with the dreaded recession and the Swine Flu. It is so comforting to see the regular natural patterns of Mother Nature and her seasons continuing on as normal.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty is Where you Look For it.

A while ago I was on a crowded commuter train on the way to Dublin for a jewellry workshop. It was a dry but dull Autumn morning and I was standing squashed with the many other passengers who were unable to find a seat. I was facing the window, like lots of others. The atmosphere on the train was as dull as the day. Tired people trying to stay upright as the train swayed on the tracks. No one spoke. We just existed side by side.

I looked out of the window, watching houses and gardens give way to fields and open country. We passed a village, and wound along the canal and through the bog. The colours of the bog just soothed me, soft greens melting into burnt sienna and dark umber browns and beautiful dusky purple heather. Tall Birch trees with peeling bark, growing up in groups here and there. Banks of cut turf, stark amid the soft heather. It was beautiful, just beautiful. It made my heart sing. I turned to my fellow passengers who were also looking out of the same windows to share the joy at this beautiful sight. Nothing. Not a flicker. I looked back at the bog absorbing and being soothed by such beauty. Again I looked around, but all I saw were blank faces staring but not seeing. I was so shocked and saddened at how much they were missing.

Into my mind popped the phrase, "Beauty is where you look for it"

I realised that day how incredibly lucky I am to be blessed with eyes that see the beauty and glory all around me. We have all been subjected to so much bad news lately that I feel compelled to draw attention to all the wonder, joy and beauty that exist everywhere and in every life if we just look for it.

This blog will be focusing on the positive. Don't get me wrong, I have rotten crappy days too, but from now on I intend to try to see the beauty in life. (That,s the plan anyway!!!)