Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty is Where you Look For it.

A while ago I was on a crowded commuter train on the way to Dublin for a jewellry workshop. It was a dry but dull Autumn morning and I was standing squashed with the many other passengers who were unable to find a seat. I was facing the window, like lots of others. The atmosphere on the train was as dull as the day. Tired people trying to stay upright as the train swayed on the tracks. No one spoke. We just existed side by side.

I looked out of the window, watching houses and gardens give way to fields and open country. We passed a village, and wound along the canal and through the bog. The colours of the bog just soothed me, soft greens melting into burnt sienna and dark umber browns and beautiful dusky purple heather. Tall Birch trees with peeling bark, growing up in groups here and there. Banks of cut turf, stark amid the soft heather. It was beautiful, just beautiful. It made my heart sing. I turned to my fellow passengers who were also looking out of the same windows to share the joy at this beautiful sight. Nothing. Not a flicker. I looked back at the bog absorbing and being soothed by such beauty. Again I looked around, but all I saw were blank faces staring but not seeing. I was so shocked and saddened at how much they were missing.

Into my mind popped the phrase, "Beauty is where you look for it"

I realised that day how incredibly lucky I am to be blessed with eyes that see the beauty and glory all around me. We have all been subjected to so much bad news lately that I feel compelled to draw attention to all the wonder, joy and beauty that exist everywhere and in every life if we just look for it.

This blog will be focusing on the positive. Don't get me wrong, I have rotten crappy days too, but from now on I intend to try to see the beauty in life. (That,s the plan anyway!!!)