Friday, October 30, 2009

Fairies Washing

One of the delights of Autumn for me are watching out for the Fairies Washing.

I have such lovely warm memories of walking in the early autumn morning with my dear Granny and her pointing out the misty damp cobwebs that seemed to sprout overnight all over the hedge around her garden. "That's the Fairies washing" Granny told me. I was so enchanted, my imagination running riot at the thought of busy Fairies washing and hanging their laundry out overnight, that it has stayed with me all my life. (I almost wrote how many years there, but it was a shock to see how long in print, so I changed it! LOL)

My own children love to look out for Fairies washing on damp autumn mornings while waiting for the school bus. Granny would just love that.

Have you any lovely cosy warm memories of some special time with a dear loved one?