Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nourish and Flourish

As in Nature, when we nourish our talents regularly and consistently little seedlings of inspiration grow and flourish.
It is important to treat our talents gently and with respect. As any gardener will tell you, patience is required. No amount of shouting or hurrying will speed up growth.! It is the same with any talent, practice and patience brings rewards. As I regularly tell my students, there is no substitute for practice!!!

I had the pleasure and good fortune to know a wonderful lady called Teresa Kenny, whose motto was 'Concentration, Dedication, Patience'. It is now my adopted motto! Mrs Kenny raised a large, warm, talented, successful family, so obviously her motto paid off. Even the next generation flourished from her wisdom and care. Her granddaughter is the current Rose of Tralee.

I urge you to nurture you talents as gently and tenderly as you would the most delicate seedlings.