Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I started painting Remembrance with my beloved Granny on my mind. I found a bundle of old letters which she had written to my Mum who as an 18yr old had spent a year in France with a French family.

The letters were full of day to day goings on at home, simple things from the dog having puppies, to the neighbours buying a a new car, to Uncle Tom having to go to hospital with a bad chest infection, to Katie, Granny's kitchen helper, going home for a few days. Simple ordinary days. Reading these special letters brought me right back, sowing little seeds of Memory that opened up all sorts of other 'bigger' memories of the special times I, in my turn spent with Granny.

As I worked on the painting, enjoying the memories that surfaced, I realized that all the special times that I remembered were in fact simple ordinary things.

Walking in the Bluebells, which is probably why I often get that gentle scent of bluebells and primrose when I feel Granny's Presence at times. I believe she and my Mum are letting me know they are watching over me from Heaven. Smell is such an evocative sense isnt't it? Other special memories include sitting at the table colouring or doing a jigsaw together, baking her delicious jam sponge, walking in the garden admiring the Fairies' Washing on an Autumn morning. Sometimes just sitting together talking or even more important to a child being listened to!

None of the memories that make me feel warm and fuzzy and happy have anything to do with being anywhere glamorous or doing anything exciting adventurous things or spending large sums of money.

Granny was well traveled, always beautifully dressed and coiffed, very comfortable financially and always incredibly generous both with her time and money.

The most precious gifts she gave me were her unswerving loyalty, her unreserved love, her undivided attention and her constant praise and encouragement not to mention her great sense of fun.
Wouldn't it be lovely if we too give these gifts to our lived ones? These gifts cost no money and are free for everyone to share.

This Beautiful World we Live in offers so much for us to share with one another if only we take the time to do so.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Granny and Mum for all the love you gave me.