Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Walk in the Bluebells

I went for the first of this year's walks in the Bluebells at Tudenham, Lough Ennell, and as always it did not disappoint. Friday afternoon and time was a little short, in between collecting the dogs from Barks and Bubbles and not knowing what time I was to collect Ross from Bowling with the lads from school. I stole a few little minutes of Bliss for myself.

I arrived at the Lake on a sunnier afternoon than was forecast. There were two other cars parked there, and I did see a man walking in the distance, but as I headed into the woods there wasn't a soul about. It was so peaceful. The woods were alive and humming with Heavenly music. The bees were collecting nectar and buzzing their little hearts out. The hoverflies and other insects were adding a bass note to the melody and the birds were offering the tenor section. I have the fondest memories of my dear Granny taking me to Tudenham as a child to walk in the Bluebells and I was utterly aware of her Presence today. We walked together in Spirit with the scent of the bluebells, primroses and wild violets occasionally catching on the wind. I would stand and sniff trying to fill my senses with their elusive fragrance.

Ahead were several different paths of fallen leaves between trees, shrubs and carpets of bluebells. I stopped and just soaked it all in. The dappled light that fell through the trees danced on the leaf paths shifting and changing all the time. I looked up into the canopy so far above my head. I love the colour of the leaves early in spring/summer. Such a vivid, almost florescent green, mottled with softer muted green of the underside of the mostly Beech trees in this woods. Glimpses of cerulean blue sky peeked through and highlighted the bright green against a tracery of the finest dark dark branches and twigs. I am always amazed at how dark the branches look in spring against such light green leaves and how the branches change colour along with the leaves throughout the season.

Some broken twisted fallen branches partially blocked my path. I bent down to kind of crawl and squeeze my way onwards and noticed tiny tiny buds on the wood anemones. A little further on, the buzzing of bees intensified. I came to a particularly thick patch of bluebells and primroses and could see thousands of worker bees happily going about their business. Two gorgeous butterflies danced together in the air above me. Flirting with each other, mirroring each others moves. Together they landed on my jacket sleeve for a second, then up and away again. I followed them for a moment and then they were gone.
For a brief moment I felt alone and sensed it was time to leave. Then I felt Granny's reassuring presence and as I passed gently through the working bees I felt profoundly connected and totally at one with nature.

The Peace sustained and remained with me for the rest of a busy day. I am so lucky and grateful to live in such a "Beautiful World" and glad to have made the time to enjoy and appreciate it.

Thank You Thank You Thank You.