Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Gift from Mother Nature

Sometimes I dream of being a wonderfully organised homemaker and a neat and tidy gardener. I do try, and manage to keep things reasonably well. Thankfully I am far from perfect , or I would have missed this glorious gift from Mother Nature.

I never got around to emptying this terracotta pot last Autumn and was thirlled to find California Poppies had self seeded in it this summer. Yay! They are beautiful. I am not exactly sure how they got there, although I did have a few poppies in a nearby flowerbed last year. The orangey yellow is so cheerful and vibrant and a perfect match for my sun umbrella (I'm optimistic anyway!!!) on the table beside the pot.

While I had been thinking about what to plant into the pot this year and worrying about finding the funds to do all my many pots, Mother Nature had it all sorted.

There is definitely a life lesson here, don't you think?

Thank You Thank You Thank You.