Monday, August 2, 2010

Birds, Bees and Honeysuckle.

This morning as I sit at my writing table in my little studio it has finally stopped raining after an incredibly wet start to the day (again!) The sun has come out for a few minutes, glimpses of blue sky peek from behind receding clouds and immediately the little birds start singing. This year the finches and sparrows have been breeding like mad and with all the rain have been finding it hard to find enough food. I have continued feeding them and in fact they have been eating me out of house and home! I crack open the window and listen to them calling to me to fill up the feeders and delight in watching them poke about in my flower beds for any morsel of off they can find.

Right outside my window is a large honeysuckle, an old fashioned one with creamy yellow and white blooms and a magnet for the bees. Even as I write, the lovely fat bumble bees are busily buzzing from bloom to bloom suppping nectar and moving on. Occasionally one hops the few short inches over to my window box to help themselves to some brunch from the bouquet of fushia pink and velvety purple petunias whose scent drifts through the window on the breeze.

It is clouding over again and my bees have moved deeper into the honeysuckle bush. I can still hear their soft murmur among the leaves. The little finches are fighting over the last few seeds in the feeder before heading for shelter. The breeze coming through the window has cooled and like my friends the bees and birds, it is time for me to retreat from this Bliss filled "Fleeting Moment" and head on into the kitchen and wash the breakfast dishes. Ho Hum!