Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One of many garden visitors

This little blue tit is one of the many visitors to my garden.

Apart from birds, we get hedgehogs (my favorites) squirrels, foxes, neighboring cats, my brothers' calves (not so welcome, as they gallop through my flower borders) to name but a few.
Winter can seem bleak and empty at times but because I feed the birds there is always life and song in my garden. I love all the birds and could spend hours watching them. Nature really lifts my spirits and grounds me when I am feeling stressed.
This Joy is available to all of us wherever we may be, urban or rural, just slow down and look around and drink in God's beauty, be it wildlife, a smile on a child's face, a glimpse of sun or sky, soft rain on our skin, buds appearing in spring, birds foraging or even just the change of light before a heavy shower. Happiness isn't just in the fancy stuff, but freely available to those who choose her. It is always a choice. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed with worry and anxiety, but even so we can always choose to make a little effort for one of God's creatures. And that very definitely includes humans.
To do even a small something for someone or some creature not only helps them but makes us feel better as well. Feeding the birds 'feeds' my soul too. Being patient in a queue or giving a person a little time and appreciation or sharing an umbrella with a stranger in the rain, or whatever, costs us nothing but pays us spiritually and emotionally. I believe that looking for the beauty around us and where we can help others can help alleviate depression and reduce consumerism and surely we all want that.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow Dogs

Petal, Julie and Dude have just as much fun in the snow as the kids.
These three friends brings so much Joy, fun and happiness to our lives.
How much less beautiful would the World be without dogs?
And all pets. We have two lovely cats as well. Not so keen on the snow though!

Fun in the Snow

What more beautiful sight, Children playing in the snow!
How lucky I am to be able to have the time at home with my kids and see them enjoy the wonder and beauty that Mother Nature brings.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beautiful Snowy Sunsets

We had the coldest, whitest December ever and I loved it! I know some people had awful hardship with no water, including ourselves, but Thanks be to God and my Gerry, only for 24 hours. We did have problems with gas (for cooking) freezing and our shower freezing, poor Gerry spent many hours thawing things out with my hairdryer! Even so, I still love it when Our World is Covered in its Peaceful Pristine blanket of snow.
I took some photos which may or may not prove inspiration for paintings. Either way, they are gorgeous reminders of What a Beautiful World We Live in.
Thank You Thank You Thank You

When is Dinner?

My brother's gorgeous calves waiting to be fed. Again!!! They are even hungrier than usual with the snow. It has been the coldest December on record apparently. But oh, so Beautiful.
I couldn't resist a few photos of these beautiful creatures. They were so inquisitve and fascinated by the camera.