Meet Nosy Nellie,  My Brothers' delightful Limousin Cow!  


I love cows,  they are such curious creatures and oftentimes when I am out for my walk I will pop into my brother David's yard to say hello to the girls.  I call this madam,  Nosy Nellie because she always seems to get herself into prime position in the corner of the pen where she can peer out and around the gate to see who and what may  be approaching.    David's cows are so well looked after that everytime they see a person they come over to say hello and love having their photo taken.  

I can never understand why anyone could treat an animal badly.  We really need to respect these creatures who give their lives to provide us with meat and milk.  To those farmers who only see a commodity when they look at the animals in their care, I say,  surely it makes better economic sense to give your animals the very best of care,  as cows that are happy and contented and well fed will produce more calves and more milk and better quality meat.

I don't like even thinking of meat and milk when I look at these lovely animals,  but it is a fact of life that many animals are raised for mans's use.  Not everyone is going to become vegetarian but everyone can demand that the milk and meat they buy be produced in a responsibl,e humane and respctful way.  

I hope you like my rendition of Miss Nell, she is a lovely Limousin cow and I look forward to painting more of her friends in the near future.