Monday, August 17, 2015

Meet Dude.

This is Dude,   my little studio buddy.   Painting can be a solitary business, but I am never lonely with this little man by my side. 


Dude swaggered into our lives quite a few years ago now and stole our hearts.  He was a very scraggy,  scruffy,  skinny creature when he arrived and his little paws were red raw from miles of walking.  He had no collar or chip and although we searched and advertised for his owners no one came looking for him.  He followed my husband,  Gerry,  around like they were old friends and as the days passed we got more and more attached to him.  The friendliest most gentle little fella,  he fitted in easily with our other dogs Julie and Petal.  The only thing was,  he was so nervous the first time I put him in the car,  our vet reckoned he had been dumped from a car,  and every time we went for a walk, if I let him off the lead he stuck to my heels like glue.  


5 years on he is well ensconced, and is in fact spoiled rotten.  He spends most evenings curled up on Gerry's lap, and himself and the cat have a long running battle for ownership of the basket in my studio.  At bedtime he gets into Petal's bed and snuggles up with her for the night.  He still hates to go out in the cold but is a fearless guardian of his family and despite his past difficulties he loves people.  And everyone sure loves him.    


Thank you God, for bringing Dude into our lives.  We are blessed to have him.