Monday, August 17, 2015

Rusty the Rooster


This is Rusty our very handsome rooster.  He leads his "girls" in and out of the coop every morning and evening and shepherds them very diligently around the garden and out to the field, always keeping an eye out for marauding predators, aka Julie the dog!  He shares the harem with our other rooster Speckles.  We were told two roosters together would kill each other, but I think because they are both "rescues" they realise they are lucky to live with us, so while there is the odd short lived skirmish, they mostly muddle along together.  Just like most families I guess!!!

They do have a bit of a "swinging" thing going on and some days Rusty's "girls" go with Speckles and other times Speckles "ladies" go with Rusty.  It is hilarious to watch.   

Speckles is the elder lemon and very dapper and accomplished with the ladies, while Rusty being young and enthusiastic was more dash than dashing it you get my drift!  So one day I took him aside and said "Hey Rusty, you need to watch the old man and LEARN!"  
Since then he seems to have upped his game and currently it is very peaceful in the chicken run. However Spring has now sprung so whether it will remain peaceful is anyone's guess.