Monday, August 17, 2015

Snowdrops a symbol of Hope and Renewal

 I always feel snowdrops are a beautiful symbol of Hope and Renewal.  


No matter how harsh the conditions, no matter how dreadful the weather, the brave little snowdrop pushes up through the often frozen soil to lighten our Spirits.  In the depth of coldest winter it can seem like it will be dark and cold forever, but unseen by us the snowdrop is already starting its journey back up to the Light. 


I often send paintings or cards of snowdrops to friends who have been bereaved in hopes that it will lift their Spirits and remind them that no matter how awful things may be,  Life can be restart and even be beautiful again. 


After my Mum and Dad died within months of each other, I felt like the rug had been pulled from under my feet.  I was undone,  I felt so lost without them.  Each morning I asked God for a double helping of Grace to get me through the day. He never let me down.  

 Nature was my great comforter.  Watching baby birds being fed by the mothers and splashing in the puddles on my patio lifted my Spirit and so I started spending more time in Nature absorbing her healing beauty and bit by bit I started to mend.  That first Spring without my parents was made bearable by realising that Life does go on.  Seeing the snowdrops gave me such a lift and sense of Hope.     

Thank you God for blessing my eyes to see your Glory and Beauty all around me and particularly in Nature.